WewelsburgIn the latest much anticipated episode of KHPR, Priest Simon Liddell introduces the seventh Grandmaster of the Order of the Trapezoid. The interview with Magister Toby Chappell explores the Order’s history from its origins within the Church of Satan to its formal consecration in the Walhalla chamber at the Wewelsburg castle in Germany, through to its purpose and vision that are still continuing to unfold today. Insight into practices and symbolism of the Order that are rarely discussed publicly are examined as well, so expect this to be a rather illuminating experience of the dark.

In this episode Adept Simon Liddell talks with Magistra Pat Hardy about her time as the High Priest of the Temple of Set and what brought her to the Temple originally and what changes she left upon the Temple during her time as High Priest.


Today, we are speaking with Adept Clint Kapp, affiliated with the Temple of Set for nearly ten years. Clint is a certified yoga teacher as well, and has been a student of the sciences of yoga for nearly three years. Yoga, in the classical sense, is not a religious practice, and as such, the sciences and disciplines can be used to amplify and accelerate any religious or philosophical convictions and experiences.

Our interview today is about the applicability of yoga as a Left Hand Path practice, and how Adept Kapp uses yoga to intensify his experiences of Setian Initiation.

Today, the last day of 2010 we bring you a lecture that was give by Magister Doug Pridgen at our last Conclave this year. As you might remember, Magister Pridgen did an earlier interview with me on Philosophy. Here’s to the end of 2010 and you’ll be hearing more in 2011!

Ogham is a little understood Gaelic written language that was used for magical purposes by the elder Irish. Today we have Priestess Siobhan McGowan and Adept William Melmoth talking about their research with the Oghamic Studies Group, now known as the An Bradán Feasa Element within the Temple of Set. We also go into the usage in magic of Ogham in practical as well as divination that surprisingly is a more modern representation.



Rather appropriately, the day after Valentine’s Day Magister Mark Luskin and I talk about sex magic and some of the odd things about it as well as some of the good things about it. It’s hard for use to stay serious at times, but when it comes down to it, sex in and of itself is a truly magical act. We cover some of the historical inaccuracies, aphrodisiacs and how they don’t work, as well as how you can discover more of yourself by trying a few new things you might not have thought of before.

Today I talk with Priest James Kirby, an artist within the Temple of Set who creates many Setian inspired works, such as the Stele of Set that you see on this page. Priest Kirby uses art as a form of magic to inspire and transform himself and those around him while working with stone, metal and multiple media formats to create sculptures and jewelry artifacts that will live on past him. Priest Kirby also talks about the processes he uses to create his art and some of the techniques he uses to replicate the bas-relief work of the ancient Egyptians.

Today I had the pleasure of talking with Don Webb, former High Priest of the Temple of Set, second Magus of the word Xeper, Grand Master of the Order of Setne Khamuast and the author of many books that bring the teachings of the Temple of Set outside the Temple to the public at large.

Don spoke in great detail about the various aspects of magic that the Temple of Set uses and how they have brought magic into the modern era without the medieval trappings or something as simple as performing a magical ritual while walking through a museum.

He also talks about those not of the Temple who do magical work that they don’t even call magic, such as corporate team building retreats, or the work of Walt Disney creating a world that mesmerizes people who walk through its gates, or Thomas Jefferson whose work help build a country.


Today we talk with Magister Doug Pridgen on how he uses Philosophy in his initiatory path of self-transformation.

Magister Pridgen talk about his initiatory influence from classical philosophers such as Pythagoras, Aristotle and Socrates and how they have effected his life. We also talk about philosophy as a foundation to self-transformation and how it is a necessary tool for Setians to know how to use correctly and not to become “arm chair philosophers.”

Today we are taking a bit of a different turn. Instead of an interview, KHPR is presenting a lecture by Dr. Stephen Flowers, an Ipssisimus of the Temple of Set and the Magus who uttered the word Runa, which means “seek the mysteries.” Dr. Flowers gave this lecture at the recent Conclave held in Austin, Texas and is an accomplished writer of over twenty books on Runa and related subjects.

In 1980 he founded the Rune-Gild, the world’s largest and most influential initiatory organization dedicated to Rune-Work and the Odian path. Dr. Flowers subsequently founded the Woodharrow Institute for Indo-European Studies.