KHPR 002: Music and Magic

December 23, 2009

Today we’ll be taking a look at music from a Left Hand Path perspective. With me today is Priest Andrew Keller and Priest James Elliot.

•What is the Black Muse Element and why was it created in the first place?
•Muse in relation to the Black Flame
•How the Music of Black Muse is uniquely created
•Music and Magic
•Priest Keller’s uses of Music and Sigils
•Priest Keller’s music inspired by TBoCFbN
•Eric Kauschen’s musical works

Questions for the show:

1. I’ve recently discovered your podcast KHPR and had a few questions for you about the Temple of Set. Would you be willing to address some of these in future podcasts?

2. How rigorous is the entrance process for Temple members? Should I plan on waiting hours, days or weeks before my application is processed?

3. I’ll get to the point here. I’ve a respectable position with a massive, multi-national company that I believe association with the Temple of Set would probably hurt. What steps does the Temple take to ensure my privacy is respected?


Solstice Variations
Eric Kauschen’s Music

Background Music:

True Sounds of R’yleh: Eric Kauschen